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The design also is available on T-Shirt, Hoodie, Mugs, Hats and Sweatshirt.


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  • "Free Kodak Black" Hoodie
  • This movement is bigger than rap. This movement is bigger than t-shirts. This movement is to demonstrate the power of music, people and independent entrepreneurial-ism coming together to do something positive in an attempt of making an impact on a failed system.
  • We also hope that this would spark Kodak Black to use his talent, platform, and influence to advance his generation in his own way.
  • By supporting this movement, you’re helping to spark some much needed change, and provide some support for a young black man caught in the grips of the institution who can maybe help bring on that change, once his potential is fully realized. He’s a product of his environment, one in which the chance of escape is slim-to-none; and he’s also the voice of a people who share similar circumstances. Let’s make sure this voice is heard.
  • #FreeKodak
  • *A portion of the proceeds will be contributed to the family of Kodak Black & towards legal obligations.
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